All dressed up for 1950s Kenilworth gang show

Kenilworth gang show 1950s

Kenilworth gang show 1950s

A photograph of performers in a Kenilworth gang show in the late 1950s has been sent in by Geoff Chapman.

Mr Chapman, a managing consultant, said the Joint Gang Show took place in St Nicholas Parochial Hall (as it was called then).

He said the performers (left to right) were: George Swann, John Baucer, John Haycock, Peter Bracewell, the Rev F G Clark (Abbey Group GSM), A N Other (can’t remember this one), Geoff Hillyard, John Pettifer and Eric Darlow.

He added: “Most of the rehearsals for this part of the gang show were held in my parents’ home in Randall Road as my mother was the pianist. Many happy memories.

n Another response to the recent photos of Whitnash school has come from Malcolm McLean.

After seeing our article on March 14 he has sent in a photo of his former headmistress, Mrs Jones, taken around 1965-66 at St Margaret’s School in Whitnash, but he cannot remember the event.

He said: “I think the lady in the white hat is Mrs Ingram, along with Mrs Jones in the darker hat.”




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