All dressed up for 1950s Kenilworth gang show

Kenilworth gang show 1950s

Kenilworth gang show 1950s

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A photograph of performers in a Kenilworth gang show in the late 1950s has been sent in by Geoff Chapman.

Mr Chapman, a managing consultant, said the Joint Gang Show took place in St Nicholas Parochial Hall (as it was called then).

Whitnash head

Whitnash head

He said the performers (left to right) were: George Swann, John Baucer, John Haycock, Peter Bracewell, the Rev F G Clark (Abbey Group GSM), A N Other (can’t remember this one), Geoff Hillyard, John Pettifer and Eric Darlow.

He added: “Most of the rehearsals for this part of the gang show were held in my parents’ home in Randall Road as my mother was the pianist. Many happy memories.

n Another response to the recent photos of Whitnash school has come from Malcolm McLean.

After seeing our article on March 14 he has sent in a photo of his former headmistress, Mrs Jones, taken around 1965-66 at St Margaret’s School in Whitnash, but he cannot remember the event.

He said: “I think the lady in the white hat is Mrs Ingram, along with Mrs Jones in the darker hat.”

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