Newborn kittens found dumped in woodland

Litter of five kittens found in a box in Leek Wootton woods. Picture submitted

Litter of five kittens found in a box in Leek Wootton woods. Picture submitted

A LITTER of newborn kittens were cruelly dumped in the woods at Leek Wootton causing upset for animal lovers across Kenilworth.

Dog walkers from the town came across the litter of five in a box while out walking on Friday.

Mick Hutchcox, who was one of those involved in getting them to safety, said he simply could not understand why anyone would not just take them to one of the many shelters nearby.

“The poor animals were frightened to death,” he said.

“They had clearly only just been born and just left in this box in the woods. It just beggars belief.

“There are no end of rescue centres around but people still just act like this and it is just not acceptable.”

With the kittens now being cared for by vets in Leamington, RSPCA volunteers said it is sadly an all to common story - especially with Christmas just around the corner and the number of dumped and unwanted pets set to rise

Back in October, gerbils, kittens and a three legged cat were all abandoned on the roadside outside Kenilworth causing public upset and pleas for help from desperate animal charity volunteers.

Alison Hamlin, branch chair of the Kenilworth RSPCA branch said there has been a sharp rise the numbers being dumped in this way as the recession hits harder for more and more 

She previously told the KWN: “The sad thing is this is not uncommon, we have seen a big increase over the past two years in the number of animals coming to us.

“People are getting evicted and struggling with money and it all leads to actions like this, which is so sad for these helpless animals.”

The RSPCA does not have a rehoming centre in Kenilworth but there are animal sanctuaries and vets eager to help.

Anyone with problems looking after a pet, or who can care for an animal which has been abandoned can contact charity rehoming manager Pam Read on 07867743827, or pop into the town charity shop to chat to volunteers about what to do next.




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