New five-point plan to stamp out fair chaos

Warwickshire’s police commissioner has come up with a five point plan to banish horse fair chaos from Kenilworth after vowing to make changes.

Ron Ball said he is confident of a better future after a “very constructive” meeting with event organisers and Thickthorn land owner, Robert McDaide.

The intervention comes after numerous complaints and anger from residents and councillors that traffic management and chaos at April’s fair was left to get out of hand.

Mr Ball said: “The organiser acknowledged that there were problems and that they were very willing to try and solve them so that future events run as smoothly as possible.

“From that meeting we came up with a five point plan that will be actioned.”

The action plan includes to hold another meeting before the upcoming fair in July to ensure enough is being done in terms of preparation,parking, providing adequate toilet facilities and litter.

Parking restrictions will also be “rigorously enforced”, and the clean-up will be monitored to ensure it is no longer left to council workers.

Police will also assess the fair and its organisation to identify problems and a final meeting will be held after the event weekend to review activities and flag up issues for the future and lessons learnt.

The independent commissioner explained: “This isn’t a blame game but a genuine move to resolve issues where they are presented.

The popular traveller and gypsy horse fair is held three times each year off land at Thickthorn.

Councillors called for action after describing one of the worst events in memory.

At the recent one cars were parked all over the Thickthorn roundabout, on grass verges and in front of gardens.

There were also reports of abuse to residents and “unacceptable” levels of litter.

As traffic management is no longer a police matter and the event is held on private land, responsibility for the fair lies with organisers.