Mobility scooter ‘driving lessons’

new electric scooters
new electric scooters

Nuisance scooters around Kenilworth’s streets will be targeted at a brand new ‘Sunday School’ for unsure drivers.

Free ‘driving lessons’ will be rolled out to users across the town in hope of tackling problems and lifting the stigma of the machines as a menace.

Electric mobility scooters have been the target of growing anger and even compensation claims across the UK in recent months.

Users do not require any kind of licence or training in what has left them branded as a menace to high streets.

But driven by Scoota Mart’s Martyn Horner, the Kenilworth brainwave hopes to tackle these views head on and prevent accidents while eliminating bad driving.

Kited out with cones, instructions and willing students the shop owner hopes the classes will be snapped up.

“A lot of the complaints I hear about scooters on the streets are from other scooter users,” he said. “It isn’t just pedestrians.

“So many people get given a scooter, or buy one online they have no idea how to use them and that is one of the biggest problems. It’s just about educating people and making sure people using these scooters are able to do so in the correct way. People don’t know how fast they are going and lose control, or many simply are unable to properly use the machines as they get older or their conditions deteriorate.”

With police and Kenilworth Town Council on board, Martyn hopes the scheme will show scooter users the limits.

He explained that the vehicles are designed for either road or pavement use.

Pedestrians have right of way on pavements regardless of the scooter size, and only specific larger vehicles can travel on the road.

Those doing so can reach up to 8 miles per hour, with pavement speed limited to just four miles per hour.

The classes will run in the mornings on August 10 and 17 at the Abbey End car park outside The Kenilworth Centre.

Contact the shop on 257688 for details or to book a slot.