Yellow warning for heavy winds in Warwickshire

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for heavy winds across Warwickshire for this week.

The Environment Agency has also issued a number of flood alerts across the region and drivers are being advised to be aware of potential disruption.

The Safer Roads Partnership in Warwickshire is warning of surface water, spray from other vehicles, potential flooding and disruption to travel. With strong winds across the area, drivers should also be aware that there may be fallen branches, trees and debris on the roads in some areas.

Driving in wet conditions can be particularly challenging for drivers as visibility is reduced and stopping times and distances increase.

If driving through larger puddles or smaller areas of standing water, people should drive slowly and steadily, allow oncoming traffic to pass and always test their brakes after leaving the water.

If water has flooded across a section of road, it may be difficult to tell exactly how deep it is. The partnership says drivers should not attempt to drive through the flood wateras this can be dangerous for the driver, passengers and other people on the road, while it could also damage the car.

Visibility can also be seriously reduced in heavy rain so headlights must be used, while drivers should allow a bigger gap between themselves and the car in front to allow for the increased stopping distance. For those who break down in heavy rain, advice from the AA is to try to get the car to a safe and visible place, call for roadside assistance and wait for help to arrive.

Anna Higgins from the Safer Roads Partnership said: “We are urging all motorists to exercise caution in adverse weather conditions, use common sense and follow our simple advice. All motorists should adjust their driving in bad weather and it’s even more important to give other drivers plenty of room. Strong winds will be affecting all vehicles on the road and heavy rain will increase stopping distances.”

For up-to-date local weather reports, listen to local radio and for the latest flood information, visit the Environment Agency website at www.environment-agency.gov.uk or follow them on Twitter @EnvAgencyMids


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