Warwick district’s Local Plan: ‘Roads and schools plan is in place’ says deputy leader

The area inbetween Leamington and Warwick where a large chunk of the new housing in the Local Plan is allocated.

The area inbetween Leamington and Warwick where a large chunk of the new housing in the Local Plan is allocated.

Claims that Warwick district’s Local Plan for new housing is likely to fail due to a lack of formal plans for infrastructure and schools have been refuted.

Three Labour Warwickshire county councillors who represent areas of Leamington and Warwick have expressed their concern over how the district’s roads and schools would cope with an extra 12,900 homes. They argue that the county council, which is responsible for policy on highways and education across the county, has not yet agreed on any schemes to accompany Warwick district’s plan.

Cllr John Holland (Warwick West) - who signed a joint letter to the Courier with Matt Western (Leamington Willes) and Jenny St John (Warwick North) - said: “The Local Plan does not yet include an explanation of how roads will cope or how schools will be provided and the county council won’t have this work ready for some time.

“The district planning officers have included some information, but none of it has been agreed by the county council. It could be misleading to the public, who will think that this is going to happen.

“It would seem responsible to me for the district council to wait until it has more information. I cannot see that an inspector would agree to this plan without a secure plan for roads and schools.”

But the district council’s deputy leader Cllr Les Caborn (Con, Lapworth) said: “There is an infrastructure delivery plan which has been agreed by county council officers. This does not have to be agreed by county councillors. It’s only Warwick district councillors who will vote on the Local Plan.

“The district council will produce a masterplan which will include all the details of infrastructure and schools. It is simply wrong to say that the roads and schools would not cope.”

The district council’s executive committee will vote on whether the Local Plan is ready for its final consultation at Leamington town hall on Wednesday (April 23) at 6pm.




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