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Walk in the footsteps of royalty and explore historic views unseen for over 350 years thanks to a million pound project at Kenilworth Castle.

Kenilworth Castle has opened up new viewing platforms to allow visitors inside the previously closed off Leicester’s Building and explore four floors of rich history.

As well as opening up views across the town and grounds which have gone unseen for centuries, historians hope the changes will continue to tell the love story between Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley.

The platforms are the culmination of over a year of work by English Heritage to allow access into the ruin.

Built by Dudley, the Earl of Leicester, the building was intended to impress the queen with improvements made for each of her three official visits in the 1500s.

But since the 1650s, with floors no longer in place, it has only been possible to look up into the building from basement level.

The new platforms mean all 18 metres are now accessible and aspects previously unseen including parts of the queen’s private stairway, are on display.

Holly Woodward, property manager at the castle, explained that they have wanted for years to show off the spectacular views from the building and imagine its dance halls, grand fireplaces and royal bed chamber.

“Each time the queen visited, she was not happy with aspects of the building and these were constantly changed and built around her,” she said.

“We want to open up that history as he next strep after the gardens.

“That no one has seen these views for hundreds of years is just fascinating,

“The building has so much significance and you really cannot appreciate the beauty from the ground.”

As well as being one of the first in the country to have huge glass pane windows, the building shows of signs of wood panelling, and a private royal walkway spiralling the building.

Visitors can also visit what was the queen’s private bedroom which overlooked the great mere and castle grounds. The project was due to open earlier this year but it was delayed as the building team came up against problems installing the platforms at the monument.




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