Professional leading the fight on cosmetic treatments

Maria Phillips

Maria Phillips

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A Kenilworth health professional is taking on the fight against dangerous treatments by joining the call for tighter controls over cosmetic procedures.

Maria Phillips, owner of Beautifil Aesthetics is now a major part of the national ‘safetyinbeauty’ campaign which calls for tighter control over medically untrained practitioners giving ‘Botox’ injections or fillers.

Maria is a registered general Nurse and an independent nurse prescriber in medicine working to stamp out the dangers of treatments being offered in salons and beauty clinics across the UK.

She said: “It is something that I feel passionate about and that’s why I have taken this huge step forward to create an environment that is safe to project excellence in the industry of aesthetics.

“This has been at great expense but I feel that separating my self and my practice away from beauty is good practice and gives my clients the service they deserve and most importantly safety.”

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