Podium plans to mark gateways into Kenilworth

What the podiums under Project Arrival could look like. Picture by Charles Smith and Jonathan Holland Architects

What the podiums under Project Arrival could look like. Picture by Charles Smith and Jonathan Holland Architects

Podiums to mark out and show off the town could be on the way to Kenilworth if residents get behind funding the new scheme.

Grand plans to place a large sandstone plinth at each of the town’s five entrances was first mooted by the Town Centre Partnership in the summer.

And now, member Charles Smith who is heading up the project, is putting out the feelers to drum up support and get things off the ground with funding to make it all happen.

The scheme - called Project Arrival - is about marking out the town and showing off its heritage and history.

The plan is for five sandstone structures sited at Beehive Hill, Coventry Road, Dalehouse Lane, Warwick Road and Leamington Road with a differently designed town centre ‘marker’ by the clock tower at Abbey End.

Each could stand around four metres tall and display a large ‘K’, or the town’s name as well as possibly the town crest to give a sense of arrival for visitors.

But with ideas still up in the air, now is the time for residents to have a say and get behind the project with improvements and suggestions.

“We just want to know what people think first off,” said Mr Smith.

“It is just a way of marking the town so people know when they come in and leave and offer this sense of marking out the town, but we are open to ideas on details.

“We ideally now want to see what people think, and get this idea out there for feedback.

“The idea of sandstone is all about promoting the idea of the castle, but in a very clean and modern way.”

He said the structures could be smaller or larger. And that many residents have sandstone from the castle in their gardens, which they may want to donate to the project to add a historical element.

The idea is to cover all of the main routes in and out of Kenilworth. But the town centre marker would be very different with names and messages from the town’s residents etched in.

It is hoped this community aspect will help cover costs of delivering the ambitious scheme which could come in at over £10,000 per plinth.

Mr Smith, who has already gained support from Kenilworth Town Council, Warwick District Council, Warwickshire County Council, the Chamber of Trade, said council funding for up to half the total costs may be available in the new year. Leaving just £30,000 to find from the community.

And that this could be done through donations and asking residents and businesses to sponsor a name or message on the town centre sculpture for £5 or £10 upwards.

He said: “If we get support from just a percentage of the town and some business this way, the costs would be met.

“People can get involved if they wish, and if not, then it comes at no cost to them.

“And by getting personal messages involved it will become a real lasting community venture which we hope people will support.”

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