Pensioners starred in festive YouTube video

Edna and Fredrick Taylor starring in the video for Its Christmas Time (Cest Noel).

Edna and Fredrick Taylor starring in the video for Its Christmas Time (Cest Noel).

PENSIONERS from Warwick have starred in a music video which became an internet sensation over Christmas and could be a hit again this year.

Fredrick and Edna Taylor, who live in Heathcote Park, appear in the video for the It’s Christmas Time (C’est Noel) which was written, performed and produced by their singer-songwriter son-in-law Wayne Allen who lives in France with their daughter Lisa and grandsons Dylan and Thomas.

Mr Allen said: “I played the song to friends and family on a trip back to Warwick for a family wedding and everyone loved it.

“Several people suggested that I make a video and put it on YouTube. When we got back to France we drove up into the Pyrenees for the first snow of the season and Lisa filmed the boys and I in the snow.

“For me Christmas is all about family and friends and so we included the folks back home in the video and filmed them using Skype. Lisa’s mum and dad were great - smiling and waving with Fred even steeling a cheeky kiss from his wife and Edna responding by gesticulating that he’s crazy.”

The song, which portrays the joys of a traditional family Christmas and includes Dylan and Thomas singing the chorus, has had more than 250,000 hits on YouTube and has been seen in 102 countries, attracting airplay on radio stations in America, Australia, Canada, South America, New Zealand, France, Italy and the UK.

Mrs Allen, who was born in Lillington, said: “The whole thing has been really exciting and we’re thrilled by the reaction. One of the best things was on Christmas day I was talking to my father on the phone preparing dinner and the song unexpectedly came on our local radio station. My Father in Warwick was able to hear it being played in France. We are planning to release the song again for Christmas 2013 as we have already been approached by record producers.”

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