Only one way for Kenilworth road turn

14/1/14- Footpath at the King Offa Way junction closed due to work on the Link Road (BHLR)

14/1/14- Footpath at the King Offa Way junction closed due to work on the Link Road (BHLR)

No more wrong turns will be made out of Station Road as new signs are planned to grab the attention of drivers.

Warwickshire County Council has given the green light for an improved set of signs at the Warwick Road junction to go up later this year.

The signs, which will be put up in the new financial year, aim to end confusion and stop drivers wrongly making a right turn onto the main street.

Cllr John Whitehouse (Lib Dem, Abbey) who has worked to make the new layout clearer for drivers, said that now money had been set aside, it was just a matter of putting the signs up, in what would be “very beneficial” to the town centre.

“Officers came out to the site and agreed to the need for increased signage,” he said.

“There has been a lot of upset over this junction and many feel it is not clear that they cannot turn either way.”

The one-way system was created alongside the Talisman Square development back in 2008. It includes a one-way traffic system on Bertie Road, Station Road and Southbank Road, with associated traffic calming measures.

But since coming into place nearly six years ago, the move has led to upset and confusion for some drivers.

Back in October a woman was taken to hospital after being knocked down by a car making the wrong turn onto Warwick Road.

The changed road layout has also caused outcry from businesses owners along Station Road who claim the lack of parking means fewer customers come along the road.




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