Flooding hits Kenilworth

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POLICE are still warning drivers to take care after flooding hit the town hard and brought traffic at a standstill on Thursday morning (November 22).

Diversions and roadblocks caused chaos for commuters and officers are urging everyone to take care now the levels are beginning to subside and not assume they can make it through deep water in their vehicles.

But as well as chaos, Wednesday’s downpours gave residents got a welcome glimpse of how Kenilworth Castle would look with the return of its great mere.

The castle ford saw water levels at their highest in decades with cars and even a lorry carrying sheep struggling to pass.

But not everyone was having trouble with Martin Stenner making good use of the chance to try out his specially modified Land Rover Discovery.

“There were quite a few vehicles that got stuck or thought better of it, but It proved no problem for us,” he said.

“The spectators enjoyed it nearly as much as I did.”

Traffic was at a standstill through the town on Thursday morning even as rain eased off and water levels began to drop.

Police have issue a warning because of flooding and high winds, urging all road users to be extra careful on the roads.

Drivers are urged to know their vehicle’s capabilities, don’t drive through deep water and think before proceeding through water.

A number of vehicles have been abandoned and stranded due to failed attempts to cross deep water in Offchurch.

A spokesperson said: “To avoid the risk of flooding your engine and/or becoming stranded, try and find an alternative route and avoid driving through the flooded area.

“If in doubt don’t drive through, yours and others safety is most important.

“If you do have to drive through flooded roads, use first gear. Move forward immediately to avoid stalling the engine. Keep your revs high and depress your clutch when you need to.

“Test your brakes after passing through the water. If they work then you can drive on at your usual speed providing it’s safe to do so.”

Watch the video of the fun at the ford at www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=AMyaYhcP-CI

• Thanks to Chris Rusbridge, John Evans, Robert Townsend, Ormond Simpson and Martin Stenner for the pictures.

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