Confusion means fines for disabled Talisman shoppers

The new Talisman Square car park in Kenilworth is now open.
MHLC-15-10-13 Talisman Oct52

The new Talisman Square car park in Kenilworth is now open. MHLC-15-10-13 Talisman Oct52

Parking confusion in the town centre has left disabled shoppers in a muddle and facing hefty fines of up to £85.

Disabled badge holders are not entitled to any free parking in the brand new Talisman Square car park.

But as Warwick District Council car parks waiver fees for disabled shoppers who display a valid blue badge, confusion has left many ignoring the private company’s 60p charges and returning to their vehicles to find fines of up to £85.

The main sign by the pay machine states that “disabled badge holders are not exempt from charges”.

But one shopper said as this is not announced near the disabled bays, it was “not clear” that the fees applied.

“People just don’t look and assume, and it is leaving many people stuck,” she said.

Francis Smith, owner of Kenilworth Books in the square, said ‘lots of people’ had come in and said they did not know about the fees and that it was affecting a number of unaware shoppers.

“The car park is a real asset to the square, but people just don’t look at that sign and assume parking is free, which is leaving many really stuck with these large fines,” she said.

But management for the space said the signs will not be altered, and that there should be no assumptions that any parkers are exempt from the maximum £1 charges.

A spokesperson for developers Discovery Properties said: “It has been drawn to our attention that one or two people have been issued with tickets after failing to check the restrictions prior to leaving their vehicles.

“All the spaces are subject to charges and we’d recommend everyone checks the parking restrictions in force at any car park as a matter of course to avoid any unnecessary enforcement action.”

The short stay car park permits a maximum stay of two hours, with charges of 60 pence or £1 for the full time.

Charges apply 24 hours a day and an £85 parking charge will be issued to any vehicle failing to correctly display a valid ticket at any time.




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