Limit put on Kenilworth street ‘chuggers’

Charity ‘chuggers’ have been restricted in Kenilworth’s town centre after council officers stepped in on behalf of upset business owners.

Charity street collectors - often referred to as chuggers - operate regularly along Warwick Road or in Talisman Square hoping to get shoppers to make donations.

But after complaints from businesses that the groups often scare off customers, they are now limited to just one day per week - and only four collectors at any time.

Unlike cash collections, the activity does not require a licence - meaning there are few legal restrictions that can be applied to limit or prevent groups on the streets.

But Warwick District Council has now drawn up a site management agreement with the Public Fundraising Regulatory Authority - the body which represents nearly all charities involved in the often unpopular activity.

The agreement means that collections can now only take place along Warwick Road from the clock tower to Waverley Road junction.

Should the terms of this agreement be broken then the offending charity can be sanctioned on both a local and a national level.

Richard Hales, chairman of the town’s chamber of trade, said the problem of groups ‘scaring off customers’ was repeatedly raised by members and that the new restrictions have been welcomed all round.

“We have had a number of complaints from business and retail members about collections in Warwick Road and around the town,” he said

“But we now welcome this one day a week limit.”

A statement from the town centre management team read: “As I’m sure you’re aware, face-to-face data collection on behalf of charities is an activity we see more and more on the streets of our towns.

“Collection in Kenilworth has been limited to no more than once a week and no more than four collectors in the town at any one point.

“As always, should you see collections taking place that you are unhappy about due to the behaviour of the collectors, then you should make contact with the Fundraising Standards Board.”

Contact the board online at or call 0333 3218803.