Leamington school responds to allegation of pupils offering “bleach-like” drink to teacher

Clapham Terrace Primary School in Leamington.
Clapham Terrace Primary School in Leamington.

A Leamington primary school has issued a statement regarding an incident in which two pupils attempted to give a teacher a drink containing potentially noxious substances.

A report in the Sun newspaper yesterday (Monday) alleged that the two boys at Clapham Terrace Primary School had been spoken to by police officers after giving a drink containing “bleach-like substance” to the teacher, who did not drink it.

The school’s chair of governors Philip Robbins today (Tuesday) told the Courier: “During the first week of the summer term, two of our older pupils added a home-made concoction, believed to be a mixture of bathroom products, to a teacher’s drink on her desk in the classroom.

“The teacher was alerted to this and did not drink her drink.

“With the co-operation of their parents, the two pupils concerned were removed from their normal lessons and were disciplined by the school, in a manner consistent with the school’s normal pastoral policy.”

Mr Robbins said the police were informed and liaised with the headteacher and neither the teacher concerned nor the school intends to press charges.

He added: “Pupils will receive ongoing guidance and counseling within school. Clapham Terrace School is proud of its reputation as a caring school where pupils’ behaviour and the school’s pastoral care is of a very high standard.

“Our main concern, following this incident, is to protect the best interests of our children and their families and to support the teacher concerned and other members of staff, so that the school can put this incident behind it and continue with its normal business of providing a high quality of education for its pupils.”

A spokeswoman from Warwickshire Police said: “Police were called to a school in Leamington Spa following a concern for a person’s safety. While they provided advice and guidance to pupils and teaching staff it was determined by the school to be an isolated incident and was dealt with by teaching staff.”