Leamington Ladies show they’re lacey - not racey

Leamington Lingerie Ladies
Leamington Lingerie Ladies

YOU’VE heard of the Calendar Girls – now make way for the Leamington Lingerie Ladies.

But these ladies won’t be baring all – rather, they’ll be showing the fine cut of elegant underwear in a tasteful calendar.

The six good sports with no modelling experience have ages ranging from 29 to 38, including four mums.

They hope to raise more than £2,000 in sponsorship and calendar sales by throwing caution to the wind, while still preserving their modesty.

It will go to the Children Today charity which buys specialist mobility equipment and sensory aids for disabled youngsters.

One of those pictured is Samantha Burbury, aged 29, who works in human resources at pharmaceutical firm Hospira, of Queensway, Leamington.

She said: “They are tasteful shots but my mum thinks I am very brave. She has bought one for my gran. I think she will be pleasantly surprised.”

The Episode Hotel in Leamington loaned rooms so the ladies could get into their lingerie and be preened and pampered for the photoshoot.

“It’s not really seasonal wear, but the rooms were all nice and toasty, so hopefully they’ll be no goosebumps.”

The former Trinity School pupil has already had some ribbing from work colleagues.

“The blokes have started asking where they can purchase the calendars.”

But if they’re hoping for something a bit racey they will be disappointed. Samantha said: “It’s subtle – it’s not in your face.”

Also pictured is Amanda Oakes, who said: “I uhmed and aahed and then decided to do it.

“It’s a bit of a confidence boost for me and raising money for a good cause at the same time.

“We’ve got three healthy boys and we’ve been blessed but other parents are not so lucky.”

She said hubbie Chris thought the pictures were great, although Amanda had to treat herself to a new set of matching lingerie, and jokingly said: “If it had been up to Chris to buy them we’d still be there.”

Stepson Nathan, aged 16, Ryan, 11, and Alfie, four, are not phased by mum’s calendar shot. “Nathan’s okay as long as he’s not got to have one of me in his bedroom – I don’t think he’d be bothered about having the others though.”

Mobile hairdresser Amanda grew up in Warwick, went to Myton School and used to work at Headmasters in Clemens Street. Although now living in Coventry, she considers herself “an honorary Leamington Lady”.

The other models are Annabelle Chandler, Virginia Gray, Amy Horne and Victoria Race.

The photos were taken by boudoir photographer John Cleary, of JC Boudoir, hairstyling was by Headmasters, make-up by salon2u.org.uk, and the printing cost was sponsored by Glen Lyon Ltd of Evesham, makers of bespoke furniture and kitchens, Emma Fawcett, Leamington-based regional representative for Children Today, said while she was talking to John Cleary about raising money for the charity’s Christmas appeal, he suggested making a calendar.

“It was put together in three weeks. It was a very swift turnaround and we are very grateful to all those who helped and took part.

“They look stunning. All of them will have no qualms about buying one for their mothers or grandmothers.”

The calendars cost £10 and are on sale at Headmasters and the Episode Hotel, Upper Holly Walk.

They are also available on www.jcboudoir.co.uk/ct2013ls