Kings Hill homes bid is dismissed

Councillors have dismissed a last minute proposal to build up to 5,000 houses on Kings Hill after labelling an offer of land a ‘political stunt’.

Coventry City Council offered to sell the district 190 acres of land near the university to help alleviate pressure for housing within the Local Plan.

The idea was put forward at the eleventh hour by Lynnettee Kelly - Coventry councillor and Labour Parliamentary candidate for Warwick and Leamington.

But speculation over the potential of the Green belt land has been stamped out after Warwick District Council leader Andrew Mobbs said it would not be considered as a viable option.

The Conservative councillor told the KWN: “I am treating this as a political statement and one which does not help either our district or our partners at this stage.

“We are working closely with Coventry City Council on future developments to support needs of both councils.

“At this stage, the district council’s proposals, as set out in the draft Local Plan, do not include development at Kings Hill.

“In terms of the ONS figures, I think it is premature for us to comment as the analysis that needs to take place is extremely complex .

“However I confirm that we take seriously all new information and feedback from residents.”

The protected land is just within Warwickshire’s borders but owned by the city council. It is part of a much larger 600 acre site which includes Wainbody Woods and access to the Gateway scheme.