Kenilworth schoolboy learns to cope with diabetes

A mother who suffers the heartbreak of watching her son having to inject insulin every day has taken comfort from the support of a fellow mum.

And what prompted Nicki Doyle to rush her son Brandon to Warwick Hospital after weeks of seeing him not his usual self was the day he just lay there listless when the Christmas tree was put up.

Nicki, of Berkeley Road, Kenilworth, said: “It was December 1 and my children always get excited when it goes up.

“But Brandon just lay there with no energy and couldn’t get excited by it.”

Brandon, aged eight, who goes to Priors Field School, had been lethargic for some time and although was hungry could not eat much and lost weight.

Nicki said: “Before that he had been a normal boy – running around and full of energy.

“I though it was something viral or growth spurts. With four kids you get to know about these things.”

Brandon spent four days in hospital and Nicki was shocked to be told he was type one diabetic with tests showing his blood-sugar level “was off the scale”.

Nicki’s husband is Thomas and her other children are Jacob, aged five, Harrison, four, and Chelsey, aged two.

She said: “It is so heartbreaking to watch your child inject himself with insulin four times a day and up to ten finger pricks to test his blood- sugar levels.

“From day one I have never injected him – Brandon has done it all himself under supervision. He’s an absolute star and copes with it.

“He has his ups and downs and sometimes he can’t do PE because his readings are too high. He’s got this for the rest of his life – but it could be worse.”

Support for Nicki has come from Michelle Harris, whose daughter Emily is Brandon’ s classmate.

Michelle is running the Coventry Half Marathon on March 23 in aid of Diabetes UK and hopes to raise at least £400 for research. The working mum of four starts her training at 6am.

Nicki said: “I’m so grateful to Michelle. It’s spreading the word and raising awareness.

“People get confused about type one and two diabetes.

“Brandon won’t grow out of it and it’s nothing to do with diet or exercise. Type one is a disease of the pancreas.”

Brandon’s condition means Nicki measures out the carbohydrates in his diet to match his insulin intake and he also has to have two sets of insulin in his school lunchbox – one for an active day and one for a sedentary day.

Nicki added: “The school has been fantastic. They supervise his injections and watch over him if he has a hypo.”

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