June shoots to fame after becoming internet hit

June Clifford has shot to fame thanks to this image by Alex Harvey
June Clifford has shot to fame thanks to this image by Alex Harvey

Kenilworth’s ‘loveliest lady’ has shot to fame after her special customer service skills were praised by shoppers and Tesco bosses.

Shop assistant, June Clifford has found herself the subject of not only online fame, but the star of Tesco’s in-house magazine after she shot to stardom on Facebook.

The Leyes Lane Tesco worker became an internet sensation after a snap of the 63-year-old at work was posted on Facebook labelling her as the town’s loveliest lady.

The image was shared across the web and hundreds came out to praise the hard worker for her excellent customer service and friendly attitude.

And the online fame storm continued as June’s story was picked up by Tesco and she received a special bouquet of flowers and message from company CEO, Philip Clarke before featuring in their staff magazine.

Fans flocked to Facebook to share their favourite ‘June-isms’ and send messages of thanks including: “If manners were an Olympic sport, June would get gold”, “every shop should have one” and, “she’s a star and is totally committed. If you cut her in half, she’d have Tesco running through her”.

But June admitted she had no idea hundreds were praising her friendly attitude in the shop until a friend rang to tell her she had become a hit.

“My friend phoned me at about nine o’clock and told me I was on Facebook,” she said.

“I said it couldn’t be me and asked her if she could call me back tomorrow because I was watching One Born Every Minute.

“When it finished, she called me again and said I’d had 300-odd likes in a couple of hours.

“I was quite frightened then because I didn’t know a lot about Facebook, but everything I’ve seen on there is so wonderful and nice.”

June’s now famous internet post showed her proudly doing what she does best – chatting away to customers as she served on the tills.

Captioned ‘We love June’ and followed with her trademark happy greetings, the post set town tongues wagging and fingers clicking, gathering a remarkable 1,000 likes and comments within 24 hours

The mother has put her appeal down to being herself and always looking out for customers with the personal touch which sets her aside.

“I’m a natural I guess,” she said.

“I just be myself and am always the same with everyone – being friendly and pleasant.

“My customers are everything to me and they’re my friends too.

“I’ve got to know them, what they buy and about their lives. It’s easy because I do care about them and I’m just being me.

“A lot of our customers are quite old and they’re special to me. I always ask if they can make it to the car or if they need someone to help them back home.”.

While June plans to continue providing top-class service for her customers well into her seventies, joining Facebook is one thing she said she will never do, saying she is happy to watch from the sidelines.

James Harvey, store manager at the Leyes Lane store, said it was “unprecedented” to see such a rise to fame but that the whole shop is behind June and her customer commitment.

“It’s meteoric to get this sort of exposure in a couple of hours, especially because Kenilworth isn’t really an online community,” he said,

“June keeps customers coming back to the store with her service, it builds loyalty.

“June trains her colleagues without even knowing it. She’s an inspiration to them and the exposure they get to her, I tell them to copy and replicate what she does.”

Shopper, Alex Harvey who took the original image which started the ball rolling, said he is delighted that June has had so much recognition for her great service for Kenilworth.