Half a century of fun - and vital fundraising with Kenilworth Round Table

Proud fundraisers are looking back on half a century of success and over a million pounds raised for Kenilworth as they celebrate a milestone year.

Kenilworth Round Table is marking its 50th anniversary this month and looking back to celebrate its legacy of charity work and friendship.

The town’s bonfire, Santa Sleigh, senior citizen’s parties and countless charity donations are all down to the 20 volunteers who raise tens of thousands of pounds for Kenilworth each year.

And it all started in 1964 when a group of 20 young men got together to emulate the thriving Leamington Table.

Exactly 50 years on, things in Kenilworth are very much the same as members continue to put themselves at the heart of the community to bring the best for their town.

New chairman James Selby has described the Table’s five decades of efforts as “immense” as he looks forward to leading members through the exciting and important year.

“It has been a very action packed first 50 years for KRT with events raising more than a million pounds for local causes and entertaining well over 750,000 people,” he said,

“Community focused events have been the backbone of Tabling in Kenilworth over the past 50 years.

“We are still one of the largest in the country and there is every indication this will continue for the next 50 years.”

And to celebrate the half century, the club will welcome back over 100 members from its past for a party on May 16 to relive its rich history.

With member numbers peaking to 40 in 1990, KRT was once the biggest in the UK. And its legacy stretches back to 1964 when volunteers ran the very first community event in the form of a children’s sports day in Abbey Fields.

In that same decade the Santa Float started its annual procession, pulling in more than £200,000 thanks to knocks on more than 400,00 doors over the past 45 years.

In the 1970s the club introduced its first Tin Sale to collect food donations for the needy, and founded the Senior Citizens Party which still brings a black tie dining experience to over 200 elderly residents each year.

Committed volunteers have since added pantomimes and variety acts to its repertoire, and their annual bonfire is now the biggest event in the town’s calendar.

The first display in 1988 drew in more than 12,000 visitors and went down in history as an “unqualified success”.

Some 26 years later the annual gala is as strong as ever and estimated to have raised more than £750,000 and entertained 200,000 residents.

To find out more about the team or the tangent 41 Club or Ladies Circle, visit www.kenilworthroundtable.com