Get set for weeks of traffic disruption

Rutland County  Show  2014 .Hour long traffic queues into the event EMN-140106-184757009
Rutland County Show 2014 .Hour long traffic queues into the event EMN-140106-184757009

Weeks of disruption are on the way for drivers as council workers prepare to completely close off Gibbet Hill Road until the end of September.

Coventry City Council and the University of Warwick have earmarked three months to complete essential work and maintenance on the road and the Kenilworth Road junction.

And while council officers insist that while “unfortunately” disruption and a complete road closure cannot be avoided, the university’s summer break is the ideal time.

Work is scheduled to start on June 23 when the road will be completely closed off.

It is scheduled to reopen at the end of September 2014 with improvements in place.

Residents have called for at least part of the road to remain open with traffic lights in place during the work to prevent “very disruptive” impact on all traffic into Kenilworth from that side of the town.

But a council spokesperson said: “Unfortunately I cannot see any way of avoiding full closure of Gibbet Hill Road.

“We have considered a wide variety of options to see if it could be avoided, but the main problem is the scale of the works and the relatively narrow width of the road.

“If we tried to keep the road open, the works would take very much longer and would cause significant disruption over that longer period.”

Work includes installing a new roundabout at the Kenilworth Road and Stoneleigh Road junction, and a pelican crossing on both Kenilworth Road and Gibbet Hill Road.

There will also be changes to the university campus and access from Gibbet Hill.

The city council will use the time to complete other works along the road and prevent future closures in the area.

A statement from the University of Warwick said the large-scale project would improve the roads around campus but that as a result, there would be no through route from one end of Gibbet Hill Road to the other until the end of September.

Diversions will be in place and the council has cited the work as essential to bring “major benefits” in terms of improved traffic flow and safety in the area.