Get busy for Stoneleigh bees next year

A beekeeper with a 'frame' of bees

A beekeeper with a 'frame' of bees

Bee lovers are encouraged to sign up, get learning and be ready to help before the creatures wake up for the summer.

Stoneleigh is home to the British Beekeeping Association headquarters and volunteers are eagerly calling on new members to give it a go.

Beekeeper Elizabeth Bates, from the Warwick and Leamington Beekeepers, explained that the creatures are currently in hives working to keep the queen warm over the winter.

But when they emerge in the summer, without help from beekeepers to keep a common and deadly virus in check, most colonies will die.

Elizabeth said: “There are virtually no wild honeybees left. Because honeybees scout out the best forage, they ensure pollination of around one third of the food we eat.”

The club has around 200 members who take part, learn from each other and offer courses and information days for new members.

A course runs from January




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