Farmers look to HS2 investment plans


Crucial issues which could clash with HS2 were discussed by farmers and businessmen.

Farmers and growers met at the National Farming Union headquarters in Stoneleigh on Friday to discuss phase one of the hybrid bill and environmental statement for High Speed Rail.

The NFU’s rural surveyor, Louise Staples, will look at what the bill means and timing and opportunities for petitioning. The scope of the environmental statement will also be covered, along with a focus on relevant areas, timings to respond and representations to be taken forward.

HS2 is consulting until January 24 by which time all public submissions must be made.

It provides as opportunity for farmers to comment on issues affecting farm businesses including accommodation bridges, woodland planting and other environmental works proposed for their land.

A full copy of the hybrid bill relating to Kenilworth is available to view at Jubilee House, and online or via a memory stick in Kenilworth Library.