Promises over horse fair future

More policing and firmer action is promised for the next horse fair after officials stepped in to address traffic chaos and angry complaints.

Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball held official meetings with councillors and the people behind the popular fair to ensure that “unacceptable problems” for Kenilworth are not repeated.

MP Jeremy Wright has also been given firm assurances by Warwickshire Police’s Chief Constable that July’s fair will not be left to get out of control.

He said: “In April, Kenilworth suffered another horse fair and I do not think the word ‘suffered’ is inappropriate.

“The chief constable has told me that the event will be policed more robustly next time and I have also discussed it with the police and crime commissioner.

“The antisocial acts on display were unacceptable whatever your background or ethnic origin and I do not see why Kenilworth should be expected to put up with them.

“Kenilworth must have its share of policing when there is a need.

“On horse fair days that need is sadly all too predictable.”

The horse fair is held three times each year on land off Thickthorn roundabout.

But poor traffic management and hundreds of visitors flocking to the site meant a weekend of traffic chaos, gridlock and upset.

Mr Ball waded in to take
 action after complaints 
flooded in from residents, councillors and business 
owners who were left seething after the two-day event.

He has promised action to quash“unacceptable problems” and prevent the town descending into chaos again.

“The large numbers of 
visitors mean traffic can come to a standstill,” he said.

“The influx also means that litter around the town is a real eyesore and total mess.

“If possible, I want to find a way to enable the fair to continue whilst avoiding the problems that arose during the last weekend as those problems are simply not acceptable.”

Talks are ongoing to secure a suitable way forward.