End nightly blackout

A PETITION has been launched to get Kenilworth’s street lights back on through the night for public safety.

The online petition was set up by residents fearing for safety after a number of trips and falls during the new blackout between midnight and 5.30am, and an attack on a woman who was hit while walking on Clarendon Road.

The petition was set up by resident, Stacey Preedy who said: “The street lights need to be turned back on, it is impossible to see in the dark even with a torch and its extremely dangerous.

“It is terrifying to walk in the dark and who knows who will start to dwell outside if no one can see. Break ins, muggings, rape. I will not risk my life to save money We are not expendable.”

Sign at http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/42702