Urban sounds to cement ten years of African link

Kenilworth school dance studio. Urban dance pre pic.'MHLC-05-02-14 dance Feb15
Kenilworth school dance studio. Urban dance pre pic.'MHLC-05-02-14 dance Feb15

Music mad pupils have gone all out in hope of reaching a £60,000 target to mark a whole decade of African links.

The two-day music and dance event Urban Sounds Uyogo- or USU - ended on Friday in what is hoped brought funds up to a total of £60,000 for the impoverished village.

As well as music performances, dance shows, singers and stage acts, the fundraiser included a swing night tonight for sixth formers.

And was is all about cementing links within the Kenilworth-Uyogo Friendship Link which was set up with the UN’s Year of the Child 30 years ago.

Kenilworth School has been involved since 2004 when teacher Mohammed Nahal and former pupil Rich Evans decided to get involved and help make a big difference to the deprived village community.

Since then eager pupils and staff have raised over £55,000 for the African community. They hope to boost this as they celebrate a decade of fundraising this week.

Although funds will not be counted up until later this month, all those involved are confident about hitting the ambitious target.

Late last year, resident Matthew Williams flew out to the poverty stricken community to see how the donations from Kenilworth are helping to rebuild lives.

Matthew first got involved with the project after helping out with lighting for the school’s fundraising week and USU event.

And as a result, ended up visiting the small village of Uyogo in what he described as “an amazing and humbling trip”.

He was even asked to give a speech at a wedding he attended while in the community and had a football match held in his honour.

Money raised in the town has so far helped to fund projects including rainwater harvesting tanks, roads and bridge constructions.

Cash has also been spent on medical supplies and to kit out schools to educate the village’s children and help create a prosperous community for years to come.

Since the links were set up three decades ago, residents and dignitaries from Uyogo have come to Kenilworth to cement friendships, and the town has sent out various visitors to cement links and find out more about the village.

A group of students from Castle Sixth form is preparing to head out for the first time and holding ongoing fundraising events to fund the trip so they can give as much to the village as possible while there.

For more about the link, contact secretary, Kit Lawry at kit.lawry@gmail.com