Do they know it's not Christmas? (The festive lights don't help)

Kenilworth is full of confused children this week.

Lower Ladyes Hill has been turned into a film location for the production of a star-studded film called Nativity - and the houses are all decorated with Christmas lights.

Film actors Martin Freeman, of The Office and Love Actually fame, and Ashley Jensen, award-winning actress from Extras and Ugly Betty have not yet been spotted by readers. But more photographs of the festive lights (left and below) have been sent in to the Weekly News by reader Vicky Whitehill.

Nativity is being shot on location throughout the West Midlands during a six-week period - Kenilworth and Coventry are two of those locations. And the film is set for release in time for Christmas this year.

Martin Freeman plays Mr Maddens, a frustrated and underachieving, primary school teacher.

His long time adversary, Gordon Shakespeare (Jason Watkins of Confetti fame), is the teacher at the posh independent school up the road.

Every year, the two schools are embroiled in a bitter rivalry to achieve a five-star review for their Christmas nativity play. Maddens' class always comes runner-up. The story of his life.

This year Maddens makes an idle boast to Shakespeare that his school's show-stopping musical has attracted the attention of his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lore (Ashley Jensen) – who happens to be a big time Hollywood producer.

When over-enthusiastic new classroom assistant, Mr Poppy (Marc Wootton - seen in Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel), overhears the lie, Maddens suddenly finds himself a local celebrity and at the centre of quarrelling parents, a wannabe show director, and more Mary and Josephs than he can shake a stick at.

Now all he needs to do is persuade Jennifer to make Hollywood pay attention and make everybody’s dreams come true.

Nativity is a BBC Films and Screen West Midlands presentation in association with Limelight, a Mirrorball Films Production.

If any readers take photos of the film set or actors in the town, send your jpegs to :