Charity boppers are blitzing it in Leamington

Live music at last year's Blitzkrieg Bop in Leamington.
Live music at last year's Blitzkrieg Bop in Leamington.

A PUB gig that was organised as a one-off charity event is now preparing for its seventh anniversary gig, giving bands in and around Leamington the chance to perform for a good cause.

Alex Webster, who works at Blitz Games Studios in Leamington and has been playing in bands for more than ten years, was inspired to do something to raise money to help water-deprived areas after a trip to Cornwall in 2006.

He said: “It all started when I visited a small children’s theme park. I saw this ace playpump system that was essentially a children’s roundabout that actually pumped fresh water as the children played on it.

“It was a charity called Playpumps that installed these systems in water-deprived areas. I decided, after seeing this, that I would like to do something to raise money for the cause.”

This year’s bop, which is raising funds for Fight for Sight - which funds research into sight loss and eye disease - will feature live music by Fallen Fires, I’ll Be The Navigator, Black Mirrors and Beau Disco.

It takes place at Robbins’ Well in Victoria Terrace, Leamington, tomorrow (Friday). Doors open from 7.45pm and tickets cost £4. For further details, call the pub on 453881.