Assurances made to end horse fair traffic chaos

Assurances have been made for changes at next weekend’s horse fair as police and council chiefs promise to step in and prevent traffic chaos.

The controversial weekend fair will return to land off Kenilworth’s Thickthorn roundabout on July 27.

And worry about the effects on the town have already spread after complaints of nuisance and traffic chaos at April’s event sparked outrage among residents.

After hundreds of visitors flocked to the spring event, complaints flooded in of traffic backed up for hours, drivers abandoning vehicles along grass verges and reports of antic social behaviour and abuse.

Councillors were left fuming after street cleaners were left footing the clean-up bill once the visitors left.

And police officers, councillors and organisers came under fire for allowing chaos to descend on the town.

Police and crime commissioner Ron Ball waded into the row promising that changes would be made to ensure the chaos was a thing of the past.

Organisers have now promised to bring in “an accredited traffic management company” and council staff will enforce parking restrictions across the weekend.

Warwick District Council has also enforced a temporary traffic regulation order to restrict parking in certain areas.

Cllr Michael Coker said: “We are grateful to the organisers for working with us to reduce congestion and disruption experienced in April.

“We hope that these new arrangements will help the event to run smoothly and successfully, but we will carefully monitor the effect.”

Police will be out to assess any issues in hope of reducing anti-social behaviour.

Superintendent Debra Tedds described it as a “real step forward” to banish problems.

“All agencies will work in partnership to ensure the least amount of disruption is felt by residents,” she said.