Andrew Davies works on Dickens' classic

Kenilworth writer Andrew Davies' next project will be an adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic Little Dorrit for BBC1.

The new adaptation follows a number of successful screenplays including Sense and Sensibility, Bleak House and Fanny Hill.

Little Dorrit tells the story of the Dorrit family and their journey from rags to riches and then back again.

William Dorrit is a man who has been imprisoned in the Marshalsea prison for debtors for so long that he has gained the nickname 'The Father of Marshalsea".

His suffering in the prison is made less painful by the adoration of his youngest daughter, Amy (Little Dorrit).

His other children Fanny and Tip do not feel the same way towards their father.

But the hero of the story is Arthur Clenham, a middle-aged man for whom Little Dorrit feels a great passion. The story follows their life from when they receive a fortune and become affluent and above themselves, except for Little Dorrit.

Clenham ends up in the debtor's prison where Little Dorrit looks after him

Little Dorrit will be broadcast in a soap-style format, much like when it was originally published in monthly instalments between 1855 and 1857. During that time there were more than 19 instalments and the new series will be in 15 parts.

The modern cast will include former Spooks actor Matthew Macfadyen. Filming will start in April and hit our screens in the autumn.

Like Bleak House, which cost 8 million, it will be broadcast twice-weekly, immediately after EastEnders.