Pub’s Jolly Boys’ trip to Blackpool

The Leopard 1971
The Leopard 1971

The authors of the long-awaited book on the history of Leamington’s pubs say that it is at the proof stage and they are delighted with it.

Co-author Allan Jenning has reported progress on the book, Pubs of Royal Leamington Spa - Two Centuries of History.

He said: “As many of you will know this book has taken four years of research and writing and we were very much looking forward to its publication in time for last Christmas. That didn’t happen due to the publisher having to go into hospital. Disappointing for all concerned.

“Anyway, the new year saw the start of the time consuming typesetting process and now we have a proof copy which all three authors have read from start to finish - it’s so good we may even buy a copy ourselves.”

To whet readers’ appetite for the book he has submitted a photo of regulars from the Leopard who went on a trip to Blackpool in 1971.

Co-author Tom Lewin remembers the Salvation Army visiting the pub with their publication the War Cry.

He said: “David Condon, a Sally Army man, would come into the Leopard and shout ‘War Cry!’ to which the locals would retort ‘Geronimo!’ – how cruel!”

He also remembers the Leopard day trips (or as they say in Only Fools and Horses – ‘the jolly boys outings’) to Blackpool in the 1970s and has provided the photo (above) which was taken in 1971.

Mike Golding and Tom Thorne remember the pub: “The Leopard had many activities including a sports and social club, which included football, rugby and cricket teams.

“The main protagonists of the club were George Deely and Neville Parsons.

“Strange as it may seem for a pub it also boasted a choir, which was ably run by Freddy Cox and John Taylor. Back in the sixties the pub was divided into three rooms the smallest, the snug, was known as Doll’s Bar after a former landlady.”