Dance band who played in Leamington in 1930s

John Sumner's band
John Sumner's band

A photograph of a dance orchestra which played in Leamington in the 1930s has been sent to us by the son of one of the players.

Peter Sumner, who lives in Cambridge, said his father John owned the picture of the New Rythm [sic] Dance Orchestra.

He said: “My father wrote the date on the back of the original - January 25 1930. I think my father was playing the saxophone. I know that he played the violin (and there is one by his feet).

Johnwas born in Kent in 1914 but was brought up in Leamington. He lived in Highfield Terrace, Milverton and later in Heathcote Road, Whitnash.

He went to Leamington College for Boys at Binswood Hall, the same school which the jet engine inventor Frank Whittle attended, but John was there later.

He played in the orchestra as a young man in the 1930s.

John fought in the Second World War and afterwards married Dorothy. They both worked at Shire Hall in Warwick before moving to Peterborough and Cambridge in the 1950s.

John died in 1990 aged 75 but Dorothy survives, aged 91.

Peter said: “I found this picture at home in Cambridge. If any of your readers know any detail about it would they please contact me?”

His address is: Peter Sumner, 36 Redfern Close, Cambridge, CB4 2DU, tel 01223 361082 or 07870516277.